Company Profile

Megah Transport Sdn Bhd (“Megah”) (formerly known as Melewar Transport Sdn Bhd) is a limited liability company, incorporated on 26 August 1975 and domiciled in Malaysia.

The original subscribers of Megah were Tunku Abdullah bin Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tunku Iskandar Bin Tunku Abdullah, from the Melewar Group.

In 1978, Dato’ Lee Aik Kheow was invited by the Melewar Group to invest in Megah and become the managing director of the company with the objective of expanding the company with a fleet of only 3 trucks

By early 1980s Dato’ Lee had expended his fleet size to about 20 tanker mostly doing Felda project

Dato’ Lee aggressively expanded the company and by the 1990s, the Company boast a fleet of approximately 30 cargo trucks and tanker lorries.

In year 2000, due to differences in business strategy and by mutual consent, Dato’ Lee bought over the shares held by Melewar Group and subsequently renamed the company to Megah Transport Sdn Bhd. After Megah’s departure from the Melewar Group, Dato’ Lee continued to grow the company by venturing into tipper transportation.

At the peak of Megah’s operation in 2001, the company owned a fleet of 18 cargo lorries, 15  tankers and 10 tipper lorries.In 2003, where demand for cargo transportation in Malaysia started to show signs of decline and with single cargo lorry owners beginning to wage price wars, coupled with the opening of the haulage industry, Dato’ Lee decided to convert Megah from a cargo cum tipper transportation company to a container haulage company.

Therefore, in 2004, the company started to dispose its cargo and tipper lorries and embarked on an aggressive plan to acquire prime movers and container trailers.  This transformation from cargo cum tipper to container lasted for 2-plus years and by June 2006, the company boast a fleet of 35 prime movers, 146 trailers and 12 tankers.

With the opening of the haulage industry, Dato’ Lee has now pushed Megah forward as a top haulage company.

To date Megah now boast a fleet of 110 prime movers, 450 trailers and 6 side loaders, as well as 10 tankers.